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We empower a Safe, Intelligent, and Sustainable Future for the Energy, Resources and Utilities enterprises.


In the face of geopolitical instability, upward trend in oil prices, supply chain disruption, decarbonization and digitalization, the energy, resources, and utilities organizations are at the crossroads of transformation. By leveraging our strategic approach and industry expertise, we aim to assist organizations in their journey towards a greener future. Enhance safety, streamline operations, optimize costs, incorporate sustainability, and drive digital success with us. Our ecosystem partnerships are vital for adapting to changing market conditions rapidly.



US$ 350 billion

Can potentially be unlocked annually by mining companies through the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies and digitization, representing 17 percent of the projected cost base of the industry globally in 2025.

Clean electrification

Serving as the backbone of the net-zero transition, is projected to account for more than 60% of total energy consumption by 2050 (up from 20% presently), requiring a 2.5-4 times increase in wind and solar capacity and a more than sixfold growth in electric vehicle sales by 2030.

US$ 20.31 billion

Is the estimated size of the smart mining market, demonstrating CAGR of approximately 24%.

US$ 3,669.8 million

Is the predicted value of the oil and gas artificial intelligence market growing with CAGR of 10.81%.

US$14.527 billion

Is the projected value of AI in energy and power market by 2028 demonstrating growth at CAGR of 24.68%.

By 2030

Low-carbon technologies could represent more than half of the new oil and gas sector investments, with an estimated $240 billion spent annually on clean energy within the industry.


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