AInnov™ Knowledge

A Generative AI solution for Enterprise Knowledge Engineering                                                      

An innovative Gen AI-powered information-summarization solution that leverages sophisticated AI algorithms and Large Language Models (LLMs) to adeptly process extensive document collections across various formats (text, PDF, images) and provide precise summaries, reveals concealed insights, recognizes citations, and incorporates advanced search and question-answering functionalities.

It revolutionizes how businesses manage and leverage information from documents, elevating efficiency, decision-making, knowledge accessibility and the extraction of crucial insights from vast data sets.

AInnov™ Knowledge Solution


Advanced NLP capabilities

that allow it to understand user intent and respond accordingly.


information processing, extraction, and workflows that simplify dialog management, making it easy to manage complex conversations.

Effectively addresses

the complexities of multilayered content, such as text overlays on images, and enhances OCR capabilities for precise text extraction from scanned documents.

Adaptive learning capabilities

streamline tasks ensuring more seamless and accurate processing of information

Seamless integration

into existing workflows and applications like SAP, Salesforce, etc.

Real-time processing

ensuring quick and efficient extraction of entities as the data streams in.

AInnov™ Knowledge

Use Cases

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