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Fuel innovation, navigate success with STL Digital’s Azure Services.

STL Digital’s partnership with Microsoft Azure Cloud helps customers to bring new solutions to life. This collaboration aims to leverage the delivery expertise of STL Digital combined with Azure’s infrastructure and services to let customers be up and running quickly with a scalable, cost-effective solution. This helps to enhance operational efficiency, strengthen data security, and foster innovation. This partnership reflects STL Digital’s commitment to technological leadership, utilizing Azure’s vast range of products and cloud services to support sustained growth and improved agility in the dynamic business environment.

STL Digital

Azure Services

Digital and Application Innovation Services

• Enterprise Application Modernization
• Cloud Native Application Development
• Experience Secure DevOps using STL Digital XSecDevOps™
• Serverless Computing using Azure
• Application and Data Modernization
• Enterprise Integration Modernization

Hybrid cloud and Infrastructure Services

• STL Digital Cloud Maturity Assessment
• Infrastructure Migration and Modernization
• Backup and disaster recovery
• Hybrid and Multicloud Solutions
• Mainframe Migration
• Networking Services on Azure
• Cloud to Cloud Migration

Data and AI Services

• SQL Server and Open-Source DB Migration to Azure
• Generative AI using STL Digital AInnov™ Framework
• Cloud Scale Analytics on Microsoft Azure
• Data Warehouse migration to Azure

Security and Governance Services

• Cloud Security Posture Assessment using STL Digital 5S Framework
• Defend Against Threats with SIEM plus XDR
• Secure Multi Cloud Environments
• Secure Identities and Access
• Application Security using STL Digital XSecDevOps™ Framework
• Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
• Data Privacy and Compliance Services
• Information Protection and Governance services
• Azure Network Security Services

STL Digital

Azure Solution Offerings

STL Digital

Azure Cloud Case Studies

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