Experience-secured DevOps for application acceleration and transformation through STL Digital’s XSecDevOps™, a security-embedded DevOps solutioning for Consistent Agility and Integrated Security in the enterprise application landscape.


Organizations have evolved in DevOps, but the idea of complete automation and continuity while being rooted in security is still lacking. STL Digital’s XSecDevOpsTM solution accelerates code-to-cloud transition, integrating Application Modernization, Security as Code, and Infrastructure as Code. With Expert Assessment, Custom Architectures, and cutting-edge Templates, it streamlines cloud migration and modernization into secure containerized solutions. Embracing the 11C strategy, emphasizing communication, collaboration, integration, and automation eliminates software development bottlenecks, fostering agile delivery for innovation. Bridging gaps between teams enhances shared responsibility for security, resulting in faster time to market, improved quality, and reduced costs.

STL Digital’s

XSecDevOps™ Building Blocks



Empowering Hyper Scalability with Native Cloud Expertise and Open-Source Innovation

Seamlessly unite Application Modernization, Security as Code, and Infrastructure as Code.

Expert Assessment, Custom Architectures, and Cutting-Edge Templates

Customizable XSecDevOps™ solutions - quickly tailor fit and implement for your business needs.

Our Differentiators

End-to-end solutions expertise, assessment frameworks, custom pipeline templates, security as code, POCs, industry-specific test cases, and infrastructure as code templates, with prebuilt scalable templates and scripts for automation.

A packaged solution consisting of best practices and STL Digital's 11C Strategy, which emphasizes being rooted in security along with automation and continuity in development, integration, testing, communication, collaboration, and feedback.

XSecDevOps™ offers a security-centric framework based on STL Digital's 5S Security Framework emphasizing - Secure by Design, Secure Access, Secure by Default, Secure Development, Secure Operations.

Industry Trends

$ 0 B
is the projected revenue to be generated by the DevOps market by 2030
0 %
of organizations are actively practicing DevOps which will increase to 94% in the near future
0 %
of DevOps teams comprise of up to 12 people



Industry Value Realization

STL Digital’s XSecDevOps™ provides an end-to-end solution acceleration for Secure Application Modernization from Code to Cloud automation keeping Security at the heart of the DevOps and achieve a robust, secured and streamlined development platform acceleration leveraging the 11C Strategy.

Increased deployment frequency and faster delivery with reduced lead time and time-to-market and reduction in defect cycle time through agility in operations

Improved security posture with better risk management, improved compliance and greater innovation with Embedded Security

Increased Operations Team Productivity with improved efficiency and enhanced agility via automation & tools



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