Empowering Business Transformation: The SAP and STL Digital partnership

Driving Innovation, Delivering Results

Experience the power of collaboration with SAP and STL Digital. Together, we’re transforming businesses by leveraging STL Digital services and SAP investments. With a keen focus on SAP’s latest innovations like RISE/GROW with SAP, SAP BTP(Business Technology Platform), and other SaaS products, STL Digital is deeply invested in driving business evolution. Our dedicated competency center ensures seamless scaling in new areas, bolstered by SAP’s robust support. From implementing SAP Public Cloud to orchestrating global S/4HANA rollouts for multinational enterprises, our partnership is dedicated to driving innovation, efficiency, and success for our valued customers.

STL Digital

SAP Services

Advisory and Implementation

● Brownfield – ECC journey, S/4HANA Transformation Strategy
● Public/Public cloud strategy
● Technology Roadmap and Business Case
● Cleancore Strategy
● Partner Solutions Offerings

Migration, Enhancements and Automation

● Governance
● Activate methodology-based implementation
● Enhancements
● Integration
● Shared Services

Maintenance and Optimization

● Governance
● Automation
● Reuse
● Shared Services
● KPIs and benchmarks tracking

STL Digital

SAP Offerings

Awards and Badges

STL Digital

SAP Case Studies

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