SOX Automation By Deploying RPA for an Oil & Natural Gas Major


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Background of the Customer

Our client, an oil and natural gas subsidiary of one of the world’s most diversified natural resources conglomerates, engaged STL Digital for the automation of SOX-based controls. The company has a presence across India, South Africa, Namibia, Australia, and Ireland.

Key Objectives/Challenges

  • As per SOX recommendation, there were many redundant area controls across orders to cash, procurement, finance, and sales, which created the need for the identification of various SOX-based controls to be automated.
  • Multiple finance-related time-consuming, redundant, and non-efficient processes that required manual user intervention for various inputs and actions needed transformation via automation.
  • The inputs to the business processes within finance-related areas were being manually populated into SAP in the format of Excel sheets or third-party systems, which were prone to errors.
  • End customer-related processes were delayed and latent due to manual process dependencies.

Our Solution

The team identified 25+ controls to be automated via SAP Intelligent RPA according to the SOX recommendation as per the redundancy of the business processes.

The Impact


Reduction in manual efforts in periodic regulatory compliance


Faster reconciliations and reporting to SOX/Audit/Finance-related processes


Paperless Transactions for automated processes in finance.

Customer Quote

“The Digital Transformation journey with SAP iRPA and FIORI-enabled automations leads to more efficient, compliant, and effective governance. The automations also improved our end-user experience, accuracy in transaction execution, and significant savings in time spent testing controls.”

CFO, Customer Group

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