Could IoT & Reliable Software Solutions Be the Antidote to Business Challenges?

The IoT market is expected to grow by 35% per year for the next six years. This could mean a lot of opportunity for businesses that have reliable software solutions in place. One of the biggest challenges for software companies and organizations alike is managing a diverse fleet of devices in a timely and secure manner. Which is why many believe that IoT will be significantly disruptive to business – but it doesn’t have to be.

With an influx of new technologies coming into the market, it’s hard to stay on top of ongoing developments in terms of emerging networking protocols and industry regulations. To that end, it’s important for businesses to think about software solutions from a holistic perspective, as devices can and will become more sophisticated over time, especially in terms of enterprise-level security.

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IoT & Reliable Software Solutions on The Market

If there is any area that IoT is proving to be disruptive, it’s in the realm of lower-end devices. This is because the cost of connecting these devices is significantly lower, not to mention the potential for easier management and control. The first use cases for IoT were usually small sensor or RFID-enabled devices. But now businesses large and small are beginning to use IoT to improve their automation processes by using industrial equipment from multiple vendors. When all of these diverse types of devices are connected together into one network, it becomes much more difficult for companies to manage them collectively. The following are a few examples of Internet-connected devices that have been found to be unreliable:

  • A series of appliances known as the “Smart Fridge” has been found to malfunction and stop working due to connectivity issues. The manufacturer discontinued this particular product line after only 2 years on the market due to its constant issues.
  • The City of Phoenix installed 2,500 sensors in public parks and sidewalks to create a “smart city” initiative. The sensors were designed to monitor various factors. Monitoring factors such as air temperature, humidity and barometric pressure would help city officials to make informed decisions about various projects. These would be implemented in parks and streets across Arizona. Unfortunately, due to connectivity issues, most of the sensors were rendered useless after only 6 months on the market.
  • Consumers are also experiencing similar connectivity problems with their internet-connected devices. The auto manufacturer BMW recently recalled 2,000 vehicles in the United States due to problems with HVAC systems that could lead to fires. One particular model of BMW vehicle was reported to suffer from a tremendous number of problems involving its air conditioning system, causing customers a great deal of frustration and inconvenience.

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Is it possible for IoT & Reliable Software Solutions to become the Antidote to Business Challenges?

The aforementioned issues are only a few of the many challenges that businesses face on a day-to-day basis. However, all of these issues could potentially be mitigated with reliable software solutions. For example, having an efficient service management system in place can help keep track of large swathes of devices and their associated data. This will result in improved overall security surrounding IoT devices. This way, if these devices do experience connectivity problems, your organization will only need to fix whatever function is having trouble instead of dealing with a defunct device. If projects such as smart cities are going to become reality in the near future, there will be many businesses looking to use IoT & Reliable Software Solutions to manage and secure existing service providers. Big vendors like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc. have progressed in the market in the last few years. Each of these platforms promotes its own infrastructure and has proprietary protocols in place. This has made sharing data and innovations a big challenge. Nevertheless, integration between IoT systems is a growing need.

A McKinsey report highlighted that 40% of the benefits possible are through interoperability in IoT systems. Connecting and exchanging data between devices is crucial. Therefore, each vendor should have integration in its future plans.

This will be an especially important step in the future of secure IoT if these initiatives are going to become part of our daily lives. Furthermore, it’s necessary for businesses to think about software solutions from a holistic perspective, as devices can and will become more sophisticated over time. In order to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important for businesses to plan their strategies accordingly. One way companies can do this is by choosing service providers that are willing to work with them on the long term to tackle various challenges in the industry.

Let’s face it, organizations that choose to go with a software solution no one has ever heard about, or who purchase IoT and other software solutions from organizations who have only a profit-motive, can expect to run into problems down the road. There is just too much at stake for people who are attempting to take their businesses seriously. When evaluating software solutions for your business, you should always consult with an expert who is knowledgeable about all aspects of IT – networking, security and software solutions alike. This way, you will be able to choose software solutions that are implemented effectively and won’t end up costing your organization more than it’s worth.

There is a saying in the IT industry: “you get what you pay for.” Luckily, when it comes to software solutions for organizations that are interested in IoT technology, Reliable Software Solutions should always come with the caveat “good enough,” thanks to our outsourcing partners who strive to bring quality to their software solutions.


The best way to ensure that your company is leveraging software solutions that make IoT reliable is to closely scrutinize those solutions. This way, you’ll be able to see how your company’s existing software can be improved upon. This will help build solutions compatible with devices running on a network and operating simultaneously.

Internet-connected devices have become a part of everyday life for businesses and consumers alike. Unfortunately, these devices may be causing more problems than they are solving, as many of them are failing due to their design or faulty software solutions. While there are some obvious benefits associated with this technology, companies need to understand that unreliable IoT design can lead to many problems. In order to overcome these issues, business owners should focus on incorporating reliable software solutions into their existing business model. This will help them monitor and adjust the performance of internet-connected devices within their systems.

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