7 Best social networks in the UK for business 2024

In today’s digitally driven marketplace, leveraging social media for business growth is not just an option—it’s a necessity. The UK, with its dynamic business environment, offers a plethora of social networks that cater to various business needs. Here, we explore the seven best social networks for businesses in the UK in 2024, offering insights into their unique features and advantages.

1. LinkedIn

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn remains the premier platform for B2B marketing and professional networking. With over 34 million users in the UK alone, LinkedIn provides businesses with unparalleled access to industry professionals and decision-makers.

Key Features

  • Professional Networking: Connect with professionals across various industries.
  • Content Sharing: Publish articles and updates to engage with your network.
  • Advertising: Targeted ads based on industry, job title, and more.

Statistics: In April 2024, there were around 42.2 million LinkedIn users in the United Kingdom, up from 42.1 million the previous month. (Statista)

2. Facebook

Why Facebook?

Facebook’s broad user base and versatile platform make it an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. With features tailored for business interactions, it’s a powerful medium for reaching a wide audience.

Key Features

  • Business Pages: Create a dedicated page for your business to interact with customers.
  • Advertising: Highly targeted ad options.
  • Engagement Tools: Use Facebook Groups and Messenger for direct communication.

Statistics: In April 2024, the United Kingdom had more than 56 million Facebook users. (Statista)

3. Instagram

Why Instagram?

Instagram is ideal for businesses that rely heavily on visual content. With features such as Stories, IGTV, and Shopping, Instagram provides creative ways to engage with audiences.

Key Features

  • Visual Content: Share photos and videos to engage followers.
  • Instagram Shopping: Directly sell products through your posts.
  • Stories and Reels: Create short, engaging content.

Statistics: In April 2024, Instagram had almost 35 million users in the United Kingdom (UK). (Statista)

4. X (formerly Twitter)

Why X?

X is the go-to platform for real-time updates and customer service. Its unique format allows businesses to interact with their audience through short, impactful messages.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Communication: Share updates and news instantly.
  • Hashtags: Enhance discoverability with trending hashtags.
  • Customer Engagement: Address customer queries and feedback promptly.

Statistics: In 2023, there were 18 million users of X in the United Kingdom, and by 2027, it is estimated that this number will rise to 19 million. (Statista)

5. TikTok

Why TikTok?

TikTok’s explosive growth and highly engaging video content make it an ideal platform for businesses targeting younger demographics. Its algorithm ensures content reaches a wide and relevant audience.

Key Features

  • Short-Form Videos: Create engaging and viral content.
  • Advertising: Utilize TikTok Ads for broader reach.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Partner with influencers to expand brand visibility.

Statistics: In March 2024, approximately 76 percent of online users aged between 15 and 24 years in the United Kingdom engaged with the social video app TikTok. (Statista)

6. YouTube

Why YouTube?

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, making it a powerful platform for video marketing. It offers extensive opportunities for businesses to showcase products, share tutorials, and create engaging content.

Key Features

  • Video Content: Share detailed and creative videos.
  • YouTube Ads: Targeted advertising options.
  • Monetization: Earn through ads and channel memberships.

Statistics: As of November 2022, younger UK audiences aged between 16 to 24 years were particularly engaged on the online video platform, with 90 percent of respondents in this demographic reporting to use YouTube. (Statista).

7. Pinterest

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is a unique platform for businesses, particularly those in the lifestyle, fashion, and home decor industries. It’s ideal for driving traffic to your website through visually appealing pins.

Key Features

  • Visual Discovery: Share pins that inspire and inform.
  • Pinterest Ads: Promote pins to reach a broader audience.
  • Shop the Look: Directly link to product pages.

Statistics: As of January 2024, 71 percent of Pinterest’s audience in the United Kingdom were female and 22.4 percent were male, with a user-base of 13 million. (Statista).


In 2024, leveraging the right social networks is crucial for business success in the UK. Each platform offers unique benefits, from professional networking on LinkedIn to visually driven marketing on Instagram and Pinterest. By understanding the strengths of each network, businesses can craft effective social media strategies that enhance engagement, drive traffic, and ultimately boost sales.

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