The Top 10 opportunities for transforming consumer experiences in home & hybrid workspaces


There is a consensus amongst the home and living spaces ecosystem on investing in enriching and transforming experiences in the places we live today. This is due to the intended and unintended convergence of many factors, stemming from still very highly inflated home prices, continued unfavorable mortgage rates at least for the next few years, changing demographic patterns, and the need to change lifestyles in the near future based on personal plans around retirement, health, aging, family changes, attention to sustainability needs and many others. Downsizing is not the only answer anymore for changing lifestyles. Transforming and reimagining living spaces is very much in play.

Consumers both Individuals and families also have to plan home experiences realization against a family budget, and it is not a single



Inner Sourcing brings with it a set of tools and techniques from open-source communities that allow groups to work together on projects. By implementing Inner Sourcing methodologies in the enterprise, organizations can achieve standardization of technologies, frameworks, libraries, and tools, as well as processes.
Every customer-facing application or product must be evaluated for quality from multiple perspectives, including business utility and return on investment. This document aims to provide a variety of viewpoints on how quality engineering can be used to rapidly develop high-quality software applications.
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