69% of businesses worldwide are using cloud computing for their daily operations. Want to know why? Let’s begin.  


Moving your business operations to a cloud operating model, powered by analytics reduces CapEx and shifts it to OpEx.

Cloud Migration

Integrated cutting-edge cybersecurity and compliance policies power business processes towards enabling agile scalability.

Cybersecurity and Compliance

Cloud computing allows organizations to cater to expanding remote operational needs and scale as required.

Flexible Operations

Having a multi-tenant IT model eliminates the siloed infrastructure and allows firms to work efficiently across diverse environments.

Multi-tenant Architecture

Cloud solutions allows multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously with changes being synced in real-time.

Augmented Collaboration

Bespoke configuration settings part of cloud solutions save precious time during emergency disaster recovery procedures.

Superior Disaster Recovery

Our data-oriented, integrated cloud solutions can help you attain core business goals quicker.

With STL's innovative cloud services, achieve a faster digital transformation and do more with less.