Efficient supply chain management and sustainability don’t go hand-in-hand, do they? Now, it can! You ask how?

As per a recent study, approximately 80% of companies are failing to impose decarbonization measures across their supply chain. But there’s an innovative solution now…

STL Digital offers a Digital Twin solution for organizations looking to manage all aspects of their supply chain while ensuring sustainable operations.

With our data analytics-based Digital Twin technology, you can examine various components of your supply chain and mitigate emissions.

Our solution is especially helpful in identifying commodities, suppliers and routes for monitoring Scope 3 emissions and strategizing reduction measures.

What’s more? You can observe your supply chain’s long-distance routes with high CO2  emissions and work towards cutting them down.

You can also view commodities by emission levels to find out how you can optimize your supply chain to meet your sustainability goals.

Our Digital Twin solution allows you to track each detail of your supply chain and get supplier information with a single click.

So, manage your supply chain with our state-of-the-art Digital Twin solution and make informed operational decisions.

With STL’s AI and ML-based data analytics, manage your supply chain effectively and do more with less.